10 Ways to Check Hotel Rooms for Bed Bugs: Check for Bed Bugs Hotel

Check for Bed Bugs Hotel

Bed bugs and their red, itchy bites are hardly something you want to bring home as souvenirs from your trip. Unfortunately, these hardy, fast-growing critters can find their way into hotel rooms and other higher-end lodgings like resorts and motels. If you stay in a hotel room where they are present, the insect may not only settle in your luggage, and suitcase but also fly home with you, where it may cause a costly and persistent bed bug infestation.

This post examines 10 simple steps to Check for Bed Bugs Hotel.

How To Check if Your Hotel Room Has Bed Bug Infestation

1. Look for Bed bug Casings, Stains and Eggs:

  • Recognize bed bugs by their casings, stains, and eggs. Remember that when dead bed bugs are crushed on a mattress or piece of bedding, they typically leave behind reddish-brown stains. In addition, keep an eye out for light yellow casings or tiny white eggs, which are also indicative of bed bug activity. Brown and tiny, living bed bugs can be seen crawling around the sleeping quarters.
  • Bed bug waste may be indicated by small, dark dots.
  • The eggs of bed bugs are roughly the size of a pinhead.

2. Examine Box Spring and Bare Mattress.

  • Remove all sheets and bedding, including any elastic sheeting encircling the mattress. Keep an eye out for any obvious indications of bed bugs, such as eggs or the actual insects. In addition, look for reddish-brown splotches on the mattress or hard remnants of bug casings, which are both indicative of an infestation.
  • Examining all four corners of the mattress is better in the long run, despite the fact that it may seem tedious.
  • Bed bugs should be closely monitored because they like to hide in the seams of mattresses. To get a closer look at these seams, use the thin edge of a credit card to lift them up
examine the mattress and Duvet

3. Examine Underneath the Mattress

  • Use a flashlight to examine underneath the mattress. Use one arm to raise the mattress, or ask a friend or relative for assistance. Examine the mattress’s underside after turning on the flashlight feature on your phone. Check under the mattress for any large stains or splotches and any eggs or shells.
  • Even if the top of the mattress looks okay, the bottom of the mattress might be hiding some signs of bed bugs.

4. Inspect the Duvey, Bedding, and Sheets for Bug Activities

  • Inspect the bedding and sheets for bed bug activity. Pull off the quilt or duvet and look for staining or other signs of bed bugs. As an extra precaution, look over the other sheets and blankets to make sure no bed bugs have set up shop beneath the covers.
  • Even though you don’t have to look through every blanket, doing a quick check could help you feel more at ease.

5. Look for Insect Activities Behind the Headboard

  • Put a light behind your nightstand or headboard. Activate the flashlight on your phone and place it behind the headboard and behind the back of your nightstand. Seek out any evidence of insects scuttling away, as this is a clear sign that your room is infested.
  • As soon as you discover bed bugs, report them to a hotel staff member. The sooner you report it, the faster you’ll be able to relax in a tidy room free of bugs!

Surveying the Remainder of the Space in the Hotel Room

6. Inspect Other Furniture to Check for Bed Bugs Hotel.

  • Examine any couches, recliners, upholstered furniture, or other seats in the space in more detail. Pay close attention to the seams in particular, as bed bugs like to congregate here. Spend a moment or two checking the entire surface of the couch or chair before putting any clothes or other belongings on it.
  • This can be as basic as a desk chair or a cozy recliner that is placed somewhere in the space.

7. Check the Curtains to Find Bed Bug Activities

  • Check out what’s behind the curtains. Examine your room for any side windows and drapes. Check for creases and folds in the curtains and give them a once-over by straightening them out. Again, keep an eye out for any signs of insects or unsightly stains.
  • You may need to spend a few minutes looking over your curtains carefully because they are typically creased and spread out.

8. Examine the Luggage Rack for Evidence of Insect Activity.

  • Examine the luggage rack and valet cart in your accommodation more closely. Examine any remaining casings and live bug evidence. These racks aren’t your typical hotspot, but they can gather bed bugs from other people’s stuff.

9. Raise Framed Photos and Check for Bugs.

  • Take up each framed photo and move it up and away from the wall if at all possible to find bed bug activities. When removing the painting, keep an eye out for any live bugs that may be scattering away because these pests occasionally find refuge there.
  • If the artwork is securely affixed to the wall, then there is no need to worry.

10. Examine the nightstand’s exterior and interior.

  • Examine the outer edges and screw holes on the nightstand’s sides while on your knees. As you have in the past, search for indications of live insects as well as their casings and eggs. Furthermore, look inside every drawer for evidence of insect activity.
  • These annoying insects can squeeze into a screw’s top.


Does Steam Have The Ability To Eradicate Bed Bugs?

Sure, provided it’s done correctly. Generally speaking, bed bugs and their eggs will die at 121 degrees Fahrenheit. Steam kills them because its temperature range is 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The majority of insects can be killed by steam. But you have to be careful to steam the bed bug-infested area completely. For instance, you won’t be able to kill the bed bugs hidden in deep crevices on a couch if you can’t use steam to get inside of them.

Will Bed Bugs Be Visible To Me?

Indeed. As long as the lighting is right, bed bugs, eggs, nymphs, and all of their forms are completely visible to the naked eye.

What Methods Can be Adopted to kill Bed bugs?

There are some recommended methods you can adopt to kill or eradicate bugs in your living area, like decluttering, avoiding bringing in used furniture, vacuuming, and seeking professional services.


For a relaxing and stress-free stay, make sure your hotel is bed bug-free. You can identify warning indicators like stains, casings, and eggs by carefully examining every part of your room using our simple ‘Check for Bed Bugs Hotel’ tips , including the furniture, curtains, bedding, and mattress. Examining the space beneath the mattress with a flashlight or shining a light behind the nightstand are two simple ways to find hidden pest infestations. In order to ensure a prompt resolution, report any indications of bed bugs to the hotel staff as soon as possible. Recall that having a thorough inspection ensures a clean, bug-free environment and a peaceful night’s sleep.

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